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VIP Problems

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If members have any account problems or questions related to your VIP plan or ability to use it, then you MUST send a PM (private message) to queeniequ.

She is our representative from the Development Team and the only person who can look up your account and fix any errors you might be having.

When you message her, please include your Comet ID name and, if there was a problem with the purchase, also include your transaction number.

If you have any questions on how the service works or other related questions for our Support Team, then make a post in this forum and we'll do our best to help you.

​Update: We apologize to anyone who had messaged our former rep "Zerojinn" and didn't get a reply. She no longer works for the BitComet development team and we were without a rep for a while. Our new rep "Queeniequ" is new so please be patient and she will do whatever she can to resolve your problems.

Alternately, if you want a refund all you have to do is open a dispute with paypal. This process is pretty fast, takes only about 10days.

Additionally, there is no need to post angry, cruel or threatening messages in the forum. Keep in mind that the BitComet team are not paid to produce this software, you're not charged for it, and none of our forum staff are paid to help you. The fees collected for sales of vip memberships are used to pay the costs of operating the servers required to run the network and the entire program is still in Beta Testing, so if you're expecting it to work perfectly, then wait until it's out of beta phase before you purchase.

Please also understand that this is a community forum. Our volunteer staff is generous to offer their help and support, so if you want to complain, please do it elsewhere, our staff isn't paid to deal with angry or rude members, so treat them with respect, and they will be extremely helpful when you need their help.

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