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I'm Yeppers and I just joined the forum today because I am in need of serious help.

I am using version 1.26 of Bitcomet.

I have a 2WIRE 2701HGV-E for a router.

I am using Windows Vista and my antivirus is McAfee that came with my Vaio I think.

I did a speed test and my download speed is 10.93Mbps while my upload speed is 0.86Mbps.

My download speed is usually just okay, slightly below 100kb/s. But recently, my download speed went down by a significant amount. I also realised that all my seeds were gone. Every single torrent I had was only connecting to the peers and my download speed was only 10kb/s or less. It's not that I am connecting to 0 seeds, that section is just completely blank. I have no idea what happened so I tried the port forwarding to make the download speed faster and I got the green light on Bitcomet but still, my download speed has not increased much and my seeds are still blank. My listening port is 50000 and non of my Bitcomet settings have been changed at all. They're still the same as when I downloaded Bitcomet. The picture I've attached is what is displayed on the right side of my Summary page in Bitcomet.


I would really appreciate the help!

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I had a problem with my seeds disappearing once too, turned out to be rabbits in my garden, the little buggers were eating them as fast as I could plant them. I ended up going to Herz rent-a-cat and the problem was resolved almost instantly. :)

However, I get the feeling your problem might be more involved, but first, can you see the seed/peers properly in your task column? It should display them like this 0/0 [0/0], which means, (connected) seeds/peers (total) [seeds/peers]

If they don't display in your column either, then something is corrupt and you should probably do a clean install after uninstalling and deleting your installation folder and your bitcomet folder in your "appdata" folder. Doing this will delete all your tasks (not your downloaded files), so you would need to backup any current tasks beforehand, or you can just restart the torrents and they will continue from their current level.

As for your performance problem, keep in mind that your performance depends on the availability of the pieces you need, so some torrents will be slow no matter what you do, but in order to get the maximum performance, you need to properly setup bitcomet. Since you were through in providing the requested info, I can tell you a good place to start would be your global max upload speed limit. You want to upload as much as possible, but you don't want to upload so much data that you become unable to reply to connections/requests from other peers. If this happens, the better peers will assume you have nothing to offer them and you will be ignored, so the idea is to find a limit that will allow as much upload as possible and leave enough bandwidth available for timely communications. For most users the best setting is about 80%.

Here are the calculations.

Your tested upload speed is 0.86megabits per second, or 860kilobits per second. We need to convert that from bits to Bytes, so 860kb/s would equal about 108kB/s. That is the fastest your connection can upload under ideal conditions. 80% of that would be about 86kB/s, which is a good place to start for your global max upload rate limit.

You can try adjusting it up a bit when nothing else is using your internet, or down if it interferes with your internet usage. There is no perfect percentage for everyone. A lot of factors can effect your performance, so some users might work best at 90%, and others at 70%, you need to find what works best for you.

Don't make quick changes though. Pick a setting and use it for a few hours/days/weeks and whenever you make a change, don't be quick to judge if it helped or hurt, only long-term observation can tell you the effects of a change.

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hi Guardian Eagle!

You're like a Guardian Angel! Thanks for your help so so much. I owe you a big one, you can call me the next time those rabbits come back again.

The seeds/peers are properly displayed in my task column so I guess my blank seeds section is just a display problem and my lower download speeds were just me being panicky over the blank seeds. I've already set my max upload speed limit to 80% and I will continue to observe it. However the upload limit in my Summary page still says unlimited. I have been observing my upload speed and it has not gone over my limit so I guess its just another display issue right?

Anyways, thank you so much once again! I'm also getting sick of the slow downloads, I'll try out the VIP thing really soon!

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BitComet has two max upload settings, the global setting is max for all tasks, and it has a task specific setting so you can adjust each task separately. This isn't usually recommended for most users.

As for the VIP, even without, bitcomet can often download faster then other clients because of it's unique ability to download from sources outside the normal swarm of peers, but the vip can be a very useful tool for those with a limited upload speed. Because our highspeed servers can upload much faster, they can get the data from available peers much faster and send it direct to you. Your connection should benefit from vip, but it's strictly optional. The money collected from vip sales goes to a good cause, to pay for the servers and necessary costs of developing BitComet, which will always be a free product.

ps. stop by and we'll have rabbit stew sometime :)

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