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I updated to BC 1.26 and now ... Why?

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I was having trouble with my BC loosing my downloads... so i updated to the 1.26 version... now it is not downloading ANYTHING... i start the tasks but the it just sits there doing nothing... i do notice where it says 0% availability... does this have anything to do with my issue? and how do i fix it? It just remains at 'queued' indicator and i can not figure out how to get it to start? I have been using BC for several years and have never had an issue...

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Availability means, "how much of this torrent do all of the peers in the current swarm have, between themselves?" So if it's zero, then nobody has any part of it, and unless a seeder appears, the torrent is dead.

You do need to make sure you're connecting to the tracker(s), and that you are in turn connecting to peers, so there's really nothing out there.


That's for running tasks, it's not valid when a task is stopped or queued because it's about the status of the swarm at the moment.

Look at Options->Task -> Maximum Number of Concurrent BitTorrent Downloading Tasks

Note the number that it is set to. (For example, say it's set to 2).

The first two downloading tasks that you start, will begin normally. Every download task above 2, will be queued until one or the other of the first two finishes or is stopped by you.

If you change this parameter to 3 and apply it, a third task, if there are already tasks in the queue, will start. If you change the parameter to 1, then one of the running tasks will stop and be enqueued.

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