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.bc file extension


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I have downloaded about 10 episodes of a tv series total of 1.7g from a 7g file, BC is saying they are complete but in the file directory they state they are incomplete BC downloads, hence the .bc extension. I have tried stopping the torrent, unchecking the .bc option then relaoding the torrent, I have also tried Manual Hash check but that does not work either.

The weird thing is I can watch the full episode in preview!!!

Is there anyone that can help me with this as I need to play the episodes on another device and need them to be avi files.

Thanks all

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One of the items in the "READ THIS before posting" asks for your windows version and bitcomet version, but since you didn't provide that, your going to have to do some research on your own.

First thing, I can't tell you how to figure out what went wrong without more info, so I'll skip that and go right to changing the file extension.

Go to folder options and make sure "hide file extensions for known file types" is NOT selected, then "apply to all folders".

I'm not willing to type directions on how to do this for every possible version of windows, so do a google search if you can't find the options.

Once your done this, open the folder and rename the files. When you change the extension, you will probably (depending on win version) get a warning that it could make the file unusable. Ignore warning and remove the .bc! extension.

Your files will now be .avi files and should play in any player (if they are infact complete).

ps. Additionally, it's not possible to download part of a 7GB "file" and have a complete "1.7GB" file. Either your misrepresenting what the 7GB is, or your download isn't complete. Files that are 7GB in size are very rare, but not unheard of, but I suspect you meant to say a torrent containing 7GB of "files". That is a very different thing then a 7GB file.

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