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when i first started using cometplayer to listen to music the lyrics were timed just right but then not long after they started going really fast before any singing had even started has anyone else had this problem? and is there any way to fix it? i enjoy reading through the lyrics of my music when i get bored to pass the time

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I have a problem with the lyrics displayed in comet player. Comet player tend to automatically display the longest identical song name tagged in a certain artist.

I take for example. Song: Bad Day, Singer: Daniel Powter. When i search for Singer: Daniel Powter in http://www.vvlyrics.com.

It gave me 2 results for this songs. One is "02. Bad Day", the other is "03. Bad Day (LIVE)." 03. Bad Day (LIVE) lyrics seems to be wrongly timed cause its LIVE.

However no matter how many times i restart the comet player or change the song name it just display 03. Bad Day (LIVE).

Is there a way for it to display the song name from "02. Bad day" lyrics? It happens for other songs too.

Does anyone else have this problem? :mellow:

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