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Lyrics in I-tunes but not in Comet Player


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I am using windows xp sp3. I use I-tunes. I downloaded Comet Player so I can see the lyrics I loaded into I-tunes. They don't show up on Comet Player. I have all my albums in 1 file for each artist. In the title I write the name of the song-album it's from. How do I get Comet to show the lyrics in I-tunes. Thanks and have a nice weekend.


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I cannot (personally) help you with using iTunes. I refuse to use their software or services, so I have no knowledge of how they work. My reasons are because the way Apple computers has implemented iTunes. they are ignoring the way the rest of the world and computer systems handle files in hopes of training up a customer base that are completely clueless and ignorant of how to do something as simple as download an .mp3 file and install it in their device (mp3 player).

When successful, they have produced a user that only knows how to use music purchased from iTunes, therefore eliminating competition and free-market economy. However, there are ways to use iPods without iTunes, so the user isn't being kept ignorant of the vast resources the internet offers that iTunes doesn't want them to know about.

If you do a google search for "iPod without iTunes", you'll find a lot of resources and forum posts.

Also, if you want help using a non-apple product with iTunes, then you can be pretty sure Apple Computers will offer no help at all and your only real hope is to figure it out on your own, or find a user that has done so already and can share what they learned.

Don't give up hope in our forum, this is only my opinion and others may be able to help you, but I'd also recommend doing some searches to find other related posts elsewhere that might offer a solution.

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