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Roboform and CB 4

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First thing you could have done was to tell us what "roboform" is, so I wouldn't have to go look it up.

Also, even though their website claims it works with the "latest" version of firefox, that web page probably predates firefox version 4, and their extension may not be compatible with version 4.x yet. I suggest you check for updates and install one if found. Otherwise you may have to wait until one is released.

Here is what I found on the publishers website regarding diagnosing roboform problems:

RoboForm Toolbar does not appear in Firefox. What to do?

1) Make sure RoboForm is enabled in Firefox AddOns:

- In Firefox select Tools -> Add-Ons -> Extensions.

- Click RoboForm Toolbar addon, click Enable if it is disabled.

- Restart Firefox browser.

2) Show Roboform toolbar in Firefox:

- Select View -> Toolbars -> RoboForm.

- If only RoboForm Toolbar button shows, then click it and full toolbar will appear.

*substitute "cometbird" for "firefox"

Also keep in mind that whenever updating to a major release of CometBird/Firefox you can expect some of your extensions to not be compatible. This is why Cometbird 4.0 launch was delayed, so it would be fully compatible with our extensions before released, but we cannot make it compatible with other publishers extensions, thats their job.

The only other option we can offer is to revert back to a previous version of cometbird.

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Cometbird is identical to firefox in the way it handles extensions, so any extension that works on firefox should work on cometbird too.

Try using them on the same web page and see if you can get them to work the same. If they don't, then look at the "url" for that page. It could be that the website directed you to a different page because it did not recognize cometbird browser as being a version of firefox.

That is about the only suggestions we can make because we don't develop, use or support roboform, and until your prior post, I hadn't even heard of it.

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