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Changing folder to downloaded files

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HI All,

I have already 195 downloads and I seed them all.

Now I want to put some order in downloaded files and want to move some files into other folders.

I am afraid, that doing that, Bitcomet will not see them and will not seed them: I have moved a file once and now I receive error message "Downloaded file is missing".

How that can be solved?

I use Bitcomet 1.26;

Internet connection via router ASUS WL-500gp v2;

Windows XP SP3, ESET NOD32.

Many thanks and regards,


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1. Stop the tasks you want to move.

2. Select all the tasks for which you want to move the files in the same folder (if all the tasks which you'll move will go into the same folder then select all of them at once).

3. Right-click on any of the selected ones and choose from the context menu: Files Move To. That will allow you to move the files for all the selected tasks, in one operation, to any location of your choice and still keep BitComet updated to the whereabouts of the files.

Alternatively, you can right-click any task and select Properties. Then on the properties page change the Save Path location. When you hit OK a dialog will appear asking you if you want to move the files to that location.

But this is a more cumbersome way and it's suited only for one task at a time.

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