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Bangla font is not showing properly

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hey, can anyone tell me why Bangla font is showing properly esp in facebook. mine is cometbird 4.0... and how to enable that option that ask for "save and quit" in case of closing cometbird with multiple tabs opened.

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the term "not showing properly" is pretty vague, and unless someone has that font installed, they would have no idea what your talking about (such as myself).

I suggest you provide some screenshots, as well as a link to get the font, however I haven't upgraded to 4.0, so wouldn't be able to test it, but someone here probably can.

Also, it would help if you could test it in firefox 4. Cometbird inherits all of firefox 4 problems unfortunately. cometbird is an enhanced version of firefox, but is not designed to fix existing bugs.

And the closing tabs issues is also a dropped feature of firefox 4. You can check in their forum if there is a way to enable it, or if your brave, type "about:config" in your browser (without quotes) and read through the menu to see if you can find an option to enable it.

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