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bitcmoet for linux ubuntu

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i will not use wine again because they change my boot manager of Linux and install winxp and i don't have it and many thing happen.

i wan't to forget windows but i can't for some reason like bittorrent and video maker and games and you must start from here to publish bitcomet for most user in world

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Well, BitComet development team currently has no plans to develop a Linux version. Your welcome to post the request in our feature request section, but I can tell you that we've had this request many times, and as much as I'd like to see a linux version, I can certainly understand why the development team doesn't want to pile even more work upon themselves that won't earn them a penny. Besides, there are already dozens of good Linux bittorrent clients. BitComet does have a clear edge of superiority being that it can use cross-protocol downloading, getting your files from not only bittorrent peers, but also http/ftp, ed2k, LTseed, and even bittorrent peers from a different torrent with some or all of the same files.

I have discussed with the development team of the possibility of publishing the necessary info to allow other clients to use LTseed protocol, and they considered it, but most of our competition is too busy talking about how bad other clients are instead of how good their own is, so I highly doubt they would want to adopt our protocol and follow in our direction. It's really sad though, because LTseed can make a huge difference in performance when there are many LTseed peers in a torrent, so if other clients could use it, there would be much more resources out there. Another reason not to publish the code is because it would require a lot of work to keep those who don't like to share out of the network. If this protocol was opensource, then there would soon be hacked clients designed to basically steal from our users without contributing.

Getting back on topic, I suggest you join WINE forum and discuss your concerns with them, as I'm not certain you fully understand how it works (not saying I do myself), and maybe they can convince you that it's not a bad thing, or perhaps give you an alternative that your happy with.

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