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I've been downloading an 7 gig file.

its was taking forever to download. its been like a week.

i decided to kick it up a notch the file was at 60%.

so i went with Vip Acceleration.

i went with the 10 gig package...

so i just bought the thing.. i hit the vip thing "enable"

it saids i've already used like 80%.. left me with 2.15 gb's of bandwidth.

my file was about 60% i just started using the vip acc... and i already had 20% left.

without even using the service... makes no sense.

and it would help if it wuld have made a difference with the download.

i get it that if the file is not rarely available it cant make it faster but shouldn't the usage start when you start using the service....

i don't get it at all.

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I can see why it would be confusing. VIP uses the entire task size when calculating the usage. In the case where there are little resources available, it won't likely be able to help much, but when it is able to compete for the fastest peers, it can help your download rate quite a bit.

I know it's little comfort to you now, that you've expected it to work differently, but if you send a private message to Zerojinn, with your comet ID and transaction details, perhaps she can do something for you. Our forum staff is only responsible for support in using it, we can't deal with account related issues, but perhaps she can.

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