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buna am bitcomet 1.2.7 windows7 ultimate avg-pro windows firewall rds fibra dupa ce fac download la unele filme de pe site privat se vede da la str imi tot apare error line 2119 stie cineva ce ii si cum remediez? multumesc!

Hi! I have BitComet v1.27, windows 7 ultimate, avg pro, windows firewall, my connections is RDS FIOS, after downloading some videos from a private tracker, [NO IDEA WHAT HE MEANS]

I keep seeing the error line 2119, does someone know how I can fix this? Thanks!

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dupa ce fac download la unele filme de pe site privat se vede da la str

Reformuleaza si elaboreaza.

apare error line 2119


[unintelligible text]

Reformulate and elaborate.

I keep seeing the error line 2119


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FIOS is Verizon's Fiber Optic connection, I *think* RDS means he's using a wireless desktop-type of access to the (plain vanilla) wireless router that comes with the service. Upshot: it shouldn't be germane to the problem.

BitComet errors do not include "line numbers", since that is not an applicable concept to a program written in C. A "line number" comes from some sort of script, which would be external to BitComet. In other words, something besides BitComet is generating this error. It will be necessary for you to figure out what that is.

Vague references to error messages are just about always useless. Technicians need to know the exact error message, word for word, as a general rule. If you can't transcribe it, perhaps you can post a screen-shot of the error.

FIOS este o conexiune prin fibra optica de la Vrizon. Cred ca prin "RDS" se refera la o conexiune de la pc la un router wireless care vine impreuna cu serviciul. Oricum nu ar trebui sa aiba vre-o legatura cu problema.

Erorile din BitComet nu includ numere de linie, avand in vedere ca acest concept nu este aplicabil in un program scris in C. Un numar de linie vine de la un fel de script, care ar fi separat de BitComet. In alte cuvinte, ceva inafara de BitComet genereaza eroarea. Este necesar ca tu sa-ti dai seama ce este acel ceva.

Descrierile vagi ale erorilor sunt cam intotdeauna inutile. Ca o regula generala, tehnicienii au nevoie sa stie exact care este mesajul erorii, cuvant cu cuvant. Daca nu poti sa o transcrii, poate ca poti sa-i faci un screenshot.

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