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when i click on torrent room it re directs to atcomet.com then says

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i have been using the system for a while and down loaded the new version of bit comet .but it just hangs on the atcomet re direct page does not matter what site i click on for a down load they all go to the same page ..i'm logged in i'm stumped ..

all help greatly appreciated

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I just tried it myself and it worked fine, and unfortunately we know nothing at all about your system so can't even begin to help you. Actually I was just about to type up a list of basic information that you should provide so we can begin to diagnose any problems, but it suddenly occurred to me that we've done that already, and posted links all throughout the forum in bold capital letters saying "READ THIS before posting".

Also, I had never used torrentroom.com before, but it seems to work well entering via atcomet.com, but if it doesn't work for you, then just open your browser and go to http://torrentroom.com , and keep in mind that atcomet.com (like any website) can have downtime when it's resources are stretched thin, just as your computer might not respond if you try playing ten different movies all at once, so be patient.

The Atcomet website does provide a service, it lets us know what torrentsites members like and use more often, providing valuable feedback so that we can improve our services, but it isn't required to use bitcomet, you can get your torrents directly from any website using any browser. BitComet is very handy in that it helps members find torrent sites, but it's not the only way to find torrents.

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