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Force BitComet to use LAN connection

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1. BitComet 1.27

2. Time - Warner Cable; Road - Runner

3. Ubee / Ambit ; U10C037, DDW2600, DDW2700

Hard wired to computer w / RJ45s, UPNP is enabled.

Port not forwarded yet. That's my problem.

4. Dell XPS M1730 Laptop, Win 7 Pro, Comodo Internet Security Suite.

2.5 ghz W / 6mb L2 cache, 4 gb RAM, 800mhz FSB, Blu-Ray RW, 2 HDs 160gb + 500gb.

Howdy, I want to use the LAN cable & not the WAN wireless on my home PC.

BitComet seems to go to WAN automatically. It shows both IP addresses in the statistics tab.

I can't seem to find a settings to change this.

I have the wireless option turned off on my PC at home.

The PortForwarding program doesn't even see my internet connection. No IP address listed.

Ipconfig shows the LAN connection as correct & active.

FYI my old RCA modem - router died. That one worked fine. Port was set to static.

If it matters I am a Lt. Colonel, 15220 score.

LAN is 192 168 0 10, WAN is 24 58 109 96.

I am trying to use port 10002. Speed is still set for my cable capacity.

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WAN is your internet connection, be it wired or wireless. If bitcomet didn't connect to your WAN, then it would be unable to download. Your LAN would only allow connections from computers sharing your router. I think you're confusing "WAN" to mean wireless. It means Wide Area Network, as opposed to LAN=Local Area Network. In your case the LAN is your router, and any computers connected to it. Your WAN is the entire internet.

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When you installed a router, you made yourself a network administrator, so you now have two networks, your local network (LAN) which consists of your router and as many computers as you wish to connect to it, and the Internet (WAN), with which your router controls all traffic. When someone wants to make a connection to you so you can trade data, they use your WAN IP address (the only way it can be done), however this only gets them to your router, your router has to then be told what to do with this connection, or where to "forward" the connection to (what computer).

This is why connections are assigned a port number, and if your bitcomet was set to listen on port 55555 (or whatever number yours uses), then you need to have that port forwarded in your router so it puts the connections through to the correct computer.

The easy way to do with is to go to portforward.com (make sure you bypass their ads and go direct to their guides), then follow their guide to setup portforwarding in your router.

Assuming you have no other firewalls blocking you, this will open your port and your indicator will turn green.

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