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BitComet process under Windows 7 stays active and is unkillable


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Every time under my Windows 7 SP1 when I choose the command "exit" (not close the window!) in the BitComet's main window, the BitComet process does not actually stop going. It stays working, as one can see in Windows' system tray (BitComet icon is gray and shows a tooltip "BitComet Exiting") and in processes list in Task Manager.

Furthermore, I am not able to kill it even via the proper command in Task Manager or Process Explorer or any similar system tool.

Well, it might be not so big trouble itself, but the problem is, that due to this issue a new session of BitComet can not start. I click the BitComet icon on the Desktop, but nothing happens.


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Hi greywizard,

Here the answers to your questions:

1) It stays forever (that is till the end of the current Windows session)

2) Only a few tasks, something between 1 and 3, sometimes 5, not more.

3) BC 1.17

4) PC IntelAtom CPU Z520 1,33 GHz, 2,0 GB

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You certainly should be able to kill the process, unless it's running in an adminstrator account and you are not.

If you have BitComet set to start with Windows, try disabling that. Then when you reboot, start BitComet manually, so you know it's running with the same account privileges that you are. Then try again to kill it. This should work.

On killing things in general, you will want to get Advanced Process Terminator, from the same folks who make Process Explorer.

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