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Hi, there is much information on this posted on wiki.bitcomet.com, and here in the forum, but to sum it up, the points advance you in rank, the higher your rank, the more connections to =ltseed#long-term_seeding"]LTseed (Long Term Seeders)peers you're allowed. LTseed is a unique protocol developed by Bitcomet. Where all other bittorrent clients are only able to get your files from peers obtained from the torrents tracker or dht data, bitcomet can find you peers using several other protocols, such as ed2k (emule) *with emule plugin installed*, http/ftp, LTseed, and even from bittorrent peers running a different torrent with some, or all of the same content.

Basically this means that if a torrent has very few (or none at all) bittorrent seeders, but has a large number of LTseeders, then you can see speed increases upto 10times faster or more (literally upto infinity when an unseeded task is encountered). However, if the torrent has a very strong swarm of seeders, and few or no LTseeds, then it may not help you at all, but even in the worse case scenario, bitcomet will download at least as fast as other clients can, assuming both are properly configured to your connection.

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