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needing help


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i have downloaded two movies thru torrent.. I am trying to find a way to convert using convertXtodvd.. not sure what file type they are.. one is mpeg4 .. my program is not recognizing the files.. could someone advise me what to do please..

thanks so much..


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we'd be glad to help, but unless you tell us what you've downloaded, then we have no way of knowing how to handle the files.

Also, Converting modern mpeg 4 video back to a 20year old format like DVD Video will make the file sizes multiply by at least 4fold, and lower quality too. Your best option would be to play them in a media player designed to play modern video.

Most movie torrents that are under 2gB in size are Xvid (this is an open-source version of DivX), usually in an .avi container and they will play in any DivX compatible DVD player, or any computer, or settop media player that supports DivX/Xvid.

Most High Definition movies are encoded using X264 codecs (open source version of h264), usually in an .mkv container. Dvd players aren't widely available to play these, but there are many media players that will, such as the MvixUSA Ultia Pro, or WesternDigital TV Live.

Many users simply use a TV output on a computer to stream the video to their television.

Many gaming consoles can also stream this video to your television, but there are many reasons why this wouldn't be your best option.

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