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Is there anyway to go to the past verson of cometbird?

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I absolutely hate the way the new comet bird looks and for the life of me haven't found a way to change it. I would like to make it look like the past and function like the past version. For some reason I couldn't disable the stupid update balloon and eventually clicked it by accident I would like a copy or a link to an old copy if anyone can help.

thanks for the time and consideration

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If you would look on the cometbird website you'll see that previous versions are available. Your not alone in this opinion, cometbird 4.x is based on firefox 4.x, which was very unpopular and our developers hesitated to release a 4.0 version of cometbird, but we got a good number of complaints from people who wanted it, a number that was soon surpassed by members who didn't want it after it was released.

You can't please everyone it seems.

Also, it would only take a browse of the forum here to see dozens of similar topics for whom we all recommend getting version 3.6.16. We even put that version on the main download page to assist users in reverting back.

It would probably also be of interested that firefox has already released 5.0 version. I'm not likely to try it anytime soon as all major new versions have compatibility issues with 3rd party extensions, so it's usually best to wait a month or two before updating.

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