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mkv file problem


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could you please help me with a problem I have with a download I have completed. I downloaded "XYZ Complete 720p MKV" and when tried to play it on the TV. and the computer it would not play. From what I can gather it seems to be the mkv file that is stopping it. My question is, is there a way to get it to play on the TV possibly by converting the file, or will I have to Download another version with a file that is compatable with TV. I am not too clever with computers so if there is a solution could you please keep any instructions in simple terms if possible. thanking you in anticipation. Windows 7 32 Bit. Bitcomet 1. 27. ADSL 2M. Router T-P Link TL-WR340G. Malwarebytes free. Superantispyware free. AVG 2011 free.

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Hi, you can't play this on your computer most likely because you lack the codecs necessary to play x264 video. There are several solutions, one is to install a codec pack.

I've used K-Lite codecs for the past 7 years and never had a problem, but many feel CCCP codec pack is safer.

K Lite (I use the "full", it comes with some nice things but please don't change default settings without a reason to do so)


As for "playing on tv", that question is to vague to answer. Although some TVs let you play movies from a usb device, if thats what your trying to do, you should have said so, because I have no idea how your trying to play it. However if you want a good solution, get a media player device such as MvixUSA Ultio Pro. It can play any type of video you can imagine and will even accept an internal harddrive, and it connects to your LAN via ethernet or wifi (optional) and even has an embedded bittorrent client. Or a cheaper alternative would be western digital TV Live. They don't support internal harddrive, but does support usb harddrive and will also play anything available today. The Mvix unit has open-source firmware, so it will never become obsolete, where the western digital may not be updated to support new video formats in the future. Many companies would prefer you buy a new device instead of expending resources to improve a device thats out of warranty, but the open source firmware can be updated by anyone, so you'll have many choices to make it do all kinds of fun things.

If your trying to burn this file to a dvd disc and play it in a dvd player, that will never work. DVD uses mpeg2 (1990s technology), x264 is used for high definition and is much more advanced.

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Thank you for your answer to my question, I understand more now.I copied the film onto a "Iomega Screenplay HD Multimedia Drive" and was trying to play it back on the TV. I will have to be more careful what I am downloading in the future. Thank you once again for your explanation and tolerance.

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