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changing bitcomet conections

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Hello i,m using explore net because i,m out in the country so from 2am-9am they let me get 125 kbs sec max during the day i get 5 kbs a sec unless it only connecting to 1 user

So my question is is there a way i can set settings during day time to only connect to 1 user to fool my service provider so it let me download at there max 125 kbs a sec rate

and if have answers for this TY

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do you mean xplornet satelite broadband?

Also, bittorrent downloads require you to make a connection to at least one tracker (optionally to dht networks too), and to multiple peers to get your files. If you restricted to only one peer connection, the odds are very poor that you would find a good peer that is able to give you the 125kB/s you desire. Plus, no peer is going to send you data if you don't send them data, and how are you going to get any data that they want if they are your only source.

Basically, even if you found a peer to send you 125kB/s (your max download speed), as soon as that peer realized that you didn't have anything of interest to send back, it will ignore you.

Or, if you want the "short answer", then No, it's not possible.

There is a solution to your situation though, Rent a seedbox. A seedbox is a remote computer that runs torrents on your behalf. You then connect to this computer via FTP and download the completed tasks to your local PC.

By strict definition, a seedbox is a dedicated computer that you control, but many people sell accounts on these servers claiming they are a "seedbox", when it really is just a shared user account on someone elses seedbox. However since your connection speed is so slow (125kB/s), even a shared seedbox would easily give you more bandwidth then you can handle.

These days even a slow dedicated seedbox can upload at least 10,000kB/s (some much faster).

ps. If you want to reduce the amount of overhead and connections made, then I suggest you disable DHT, peer exhange, peer discovery and all the "services" listed in options. This may help for low bandwidth users, but keep in mind that some torrents rely on dht instead of a tracker, and won't download if dht is disabled.

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yes that my net service you have it right i,m thinking when it gives me 3 kb speed in the day i,ll try turn off extra options and enable the options back at night when they allow me to download at 125 kbs a sec for 8 hours see how that goes ty for your time just trying get my day time speed to at least 20-50 kbs at least

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You still might be better off disabling dht peer exchange and the services even with the 125kB/s. That is still very slow by todays standards, so (for example), there is no point in spending 25kB/s of bandwidth in hopes of etting you an extra 1000kB/s if you cannot receive it.

If you strip down all the advanced features, you will probably still get your max of 125kB/s download. Options like LTseed can get most users great speed, and dht can get you more peer connections, but no sense getting these things if you can't use them.

Also, you might want to look at the scheduler and let bitcomet cut back it's bandwidth usage during your isp's peek hours.

During the day bitcomet asks for 125kB/s but only gets 3kB/s. Maybe if it only asks for 10, it will get 10 instead of failing completely by consuming all your bandwidth with requests for data it can never receive.

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