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System restarts while using different Internet connections


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I am using BitComet 1.27 with Win XP SP2 & Sementec anti-virus.

Firstly, I used MBlaze internet connection (Data card) while installing Bit comet & first time running.

Total download job was done fine without any problem.

But afterwords, when I used Relience netconnect (Data card) to finish my unfinished downloads, the system restarted showing a Blue screen.

every after 2-5 minutes of starting Bitcomet, the system crashed showing blue screen.

Then, I used my previous MBlaze connection & the program worked fine.

Again I tried BSNL internet connection (LAN connected with BSNL Modem/router) to run the same program, & again my system restarted showing blue screen.

I have noticed that, the Bitcomet program runs successfully only with MBlaze internet connection which I used first time to download it & run it.

Please help me to solve the problem.



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I found your problem in seconds doing a google search. Do a search for...

Reliance netconnect blue screen

It got 37,000 hits from users getting bsod using this card, and none that I saw were related to BitComet.

I believe BitComet is the victim here, it's trying to do something that any broadband should be able to handle... opening hundreds or perhaps thousands of connections in a short time period. Normal web activity doesn't do this, but p2p does, so sometimes running p2p on buggy hardware/software will bring these problems to the surface.


1st step. Check for updates to firmware and software.

2nd step. Contact support for the device (optionally you may want to test it with other p2p programs so they can't try to use bitcomet as a scapegoat).

3rd step. Get a more reliable device.

Also, I'm guessing this is a cellular modem? if so, you're never going to get an open listening port since these aren't full internet connections. You basically have a "one way" connection. You can initiate a connection to a peer, but they cannot initiate one with you. This means when they are looking for peers, you will be silent, and when you finally contact them, they may no longer need more peers.

end result, slow downloads.

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Thanks for your hearty support.

But, my system also restarts showing blue screen while using BSNL broadband connection as I said before.

My BSNL internet is LAN connected static connection & not mobile device.

One more thing to say- This is a double way connection- downloading & peering both happen together.

I have tried another torrent downloader- Vuze- with BSNL. No problem at all. But- If I use Bitcomet... again same problem.

Both the torrent downloaders are installed now in ny PC. One is working fine, but the other....

Will be grateful if you reconsider this matter.



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Windows XP is famous for the blue screen of death, and the lack of information it gives you about the cause, which can vary greatly.

I suggest you check your system logs in your event viewer. With XP, there is without doubt a huge amount of events recorded, many like the tcpip limit being exceeded are normal when running torrents and can be disregarded, but to simplify things, and considering you have an issue that's easy to reproduce, I'd recommend clearing all events then checking after your bsod, and see what events are reported.

I also suggest you try running BitComet with windows in Safe-Mode (with network support) and see if it runs stable or not.

Also, since you've been able to run another client that is ONLY a bittorrent client without issues, then lets try disabling everything in bitcomet that isn't bittorrent, and see if it runs stable on your system. It's very possible that one of the devices your using (or it's drivers), or some software you have installed is conflicting with some of bitcomet's advanced technology. Try disabling LTseed, emule plugin, comet ID and all the items under "services". Also disable dht, peer exchange and peer discovery.

Disable these all as a test only. Features like LTseed are what makes bitcomet superior when downloading public torrents, so hopefully we can get them all working, but if disabling these stops the bsod problem, then enable them one at a time until you find the one that triggers the bsod.

I'd also consider completely uninstalling that relieance netconnect device. It obviously has serious issues with stability so I'd remove it completely until this issue is resolved, then you can work on getting it to run after your system is stable.

One additional technique I use to diagnose these things is to install another copy of your windows operating system on a different partition, then install bitcomet on it so you can eliminate the cause being a problem with your current windows operating system, such as corrupt files (damaged) or incompatible drivers, etc.

Many users prefer to just do a reformat when they get BSOD errors. Most repair shops do the same thing, as it's easier to do this then to troubleshoot the cause. It's also much easier to estimate the cost to repair if they know exactly what they need to do. I prefer to actually fix things, but if you want a sure solution, then reformatting is a good option.

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