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Global download doesn't work

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This was reported before, and it's being looked into.

Do me a favor, on your summery tab, hover over the download data on a task that is going over limits and it will show you what the sources are. Take a screenshot of this data while it's going over and I'll submit it to development.

For a temp work-a-round, try lowering your limit a bit, see if that helps.

If you want an explanation, BitComet is unique in that it can download your data from multiple sources. Other clients only get the data from bittorrent peers, but bitcomet can get the data from LTseed peers, emule peers, http/ftp sources, or even peers of a different torrent with some/all of the same data. This is actually much more complicated then it sounds and these features have been added and debugged since version 0.71. For the most part they are stable, but it does create some unique issues, like tracking and controlling speeds from all these sources.

If you disable all these advanced features, then it will control the speed more accurately, but it won't perform any better then any other bittorrent client.

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Thanks for the quick and detailed response. I have not seen it happen from only one source, but will play around and if I can make it do that, will upload the screen shot.

I am a long term utorrent user, but I found the last few versions, or perhaps it is a Windows 7 issue with utorrent, - anyway it ate a lot of CPU cycles and hung all the time. I am sort of happy about that now as it forced me to look around for an alternative and Bitcomet has a nicer interface, more features, and downloads faster.

Ah, now it is over speed - here is the screenshot.


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We're always glad to get uTorrent users. I actually use uTorrent on one of my computers, mostly because it's an old computer with little ram and it only runs private torrents, which utorrent can do as well as bitcomet. I use an older version though. I too have found that any version since 2.0 hangs regularly... and they offered no solution and if you want to revert to a previous version, they won't give you a link to get it, you have to go to a third party website to find previous version, and they offer no help at all in using anything but the latest version.

Don't get me wrong, it's a fine client if you want something simple, but if you want it to run on an older system, you need to get an older version, which defeats the purpose of it being a "tiny" client.

Regarding your problem. We don't see it much because most people don't want to limit the download speed, they want it as fast as it can come. Upload has to be limited slightly so your not using all your bandwidth, making your client slow to respond to requests, but upload is much easier to control. BitComet can control the upload because it decides what to send, and when, so keeping it under the limit isn't as difficult as asking dozens/hundreds or even thousands of peers to send you data, then trying to keep it all coming in at a steady pace... then on top of that, you have it coming in from multiple protocols... something uTorrent cannot do.

Here is a screenshot of the data I want you to look at....


Obviously this task is not downloading, so it's all zero, but if we could see how much is coming from each source at the time it exceeds the limit, then it will help development to track it down.

With our cross-protocol downloading, it may not be possible to have the same control on incoming speeds, so like I mentioned before, if keeping this limit is really important to you, then either adjusting it lower so there is a buffer space (setting at 450kB/s if you intend not to go over 500 for example), or disabling these advanced features so it's only getting the data from bittorrent, however the latter could greatly reduce your speed, and the former could slightly reduce your speed if it is effectively able to keep it at 450kB/s for a good part of the time.

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