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Hi All,

I've done a quick search of the Forum and I cannot find an answer to this question.

I'm looking to deploy MPCStar to a number of machines and firstly wanted to know if there was a bunch of command line switches I could pass to it to do a silent install. I also wanted to know if there was an easy way at deployment time to disable the autoupdate feature.

I'm currently looking forward to deploying v5.3 on winXP.

I love this product and use it all the time at home.

Looking forward to replies.



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You may be able to do what you're intending with tiger player, but the "all in one" mpcstar package isn't designed for this. However, if you speak Chinese you can speak to the developers directly and I'm sure they can give you a more complete answer.


ps. If your unable to do so, there are other open-source players you could use.

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