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currently i am using v5.3 mpcstar

windows 7 64-bit

Radeon Hd 6950

the latest version of Catalyst control centre(CCC)

this is a new system and everything works fine in MPCstar Except for the ability to override colour settings/contrast/brightness via Catalyst i know mpcstar has built in settings but the ones in Catalyst are far better and more varied

on my older system using an outdated catalyst control centre i was able to adjust colour profiles etc and they would apply in mpcstar as i tweaked them but now no matter how much i move the slider mpcstar refuses to accept the changes and stays at default just asking if there is something i need to set to enable control over mpcstars video settings via Catalyst i just want to watch my shows with proper colour settings XD yes i hit the "overide application settings" button in Catalyst

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I think that app interacts directly with the Graphic Processing Unit on your video card. If your new system doesn't have the proper hardware, then it's not going to work.

However, this question would best be addressed on their forum, it's not a matter of mpcstar allowing it, it's how your graphics engine handles the video that mpcstar sends it.

However, I don't know a lot about that app so I could be wrong.

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sigh this is the only media player this wont work on out of 5 different players this one REFUSES to change something has to be wrong if this can work on MPC HC which is using the exact same codecs why wont it work on MPCstar? how come the best media player has such a silly limitation -.-

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I can't answer your question because I don't have a working knowledge of CCC. I will leave this topic open in case that someone who does wishes to help.

ps. You can speak to the developers directly in their forum, if you're fluent in Mandarin (chinese).

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