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no access to download sites through bitcomet


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Hi i am having the same problem as the previous member, when i try and go to a site through bitcomet it takes me to the link below. I am aware that i can use my ie browser. but I,d like it as it was before.plz help.coz0


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the page you opened is a generic error page when a url for a search is unable to complete. When you click on a torrent site in your "favorties" pane (I will use thepiratebay for this example), it takes you to...


The page will then redirect to:


If I edit the former url to make it invalid so it won't work... (change "thepiratebay" to "thepiratbay"), then it should load a google search page so you can find it yourself.


As to why you're getting the error page, it's hard to say, but bitcomet itself doesn't load the web pages, it merely uses the "atcomet.com" page to redirect your search to the torrent site. It's possible that your browser isn't opening the link properly, so atcomet.com doesn't know where you're trying to go.

Were there any changes to your computer when this behavior begun? did you upgrade your browser version? Change your router or it's settings?

Also, This list of torrent sites that bitcomet uses as default is very old. Some aren't even publicly trading torrents anymore, such as Mininova. You can make your own custom list, but most users simply use their browser to find their torrents and I believe BitComet has been focusing on more important features and improvements and hasn't done any improvements to this pane in a long time. I think it would be nice if it was redone, but the job of keeping upto date links in the gui is ongoing, and would require a separate list for each supported language, so I think it's reasonable to understand why it hasn't been developed much lately.

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