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HTTP Server queued status

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the "http server" is a remote computer operated anywhere on the internet. Bitcomet connects to an http server to download files from it.

Bitcomet is not an "http server", nor does it contain one. I will download http tasks though.

One problem with your suggestion is there is no provision on an http server for anything other then download, or don't download. Some will allow to restart a broken or incomplete download, but many do not, so there is no concept of anything other then start and stop.

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Thanks for your response and time. Sorry, i have not made myself clear.

by http server I meant "BitComet Remote Download Feature" which is an http server. So, rephrasing:

The Remote Download feature on bit comet task status shows only "running" and "stopped". If i limit tasks to 2 and I start 4 downloads, the 2 queued tasks will be shown as "stopped", just like the stopped and not queued tasks.

Queued tasks status should be shown "queued" or "pending" or something similar (english is not my native language)

Attached is a picture of what I mean. 2nd and 3rd tasks show "stopped" but they have been started and are queued. Their status is exactly the same as the last 2 which have not been started.




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You're referring to the web user interface for controlling bittorrent tasks.

It appeared that you were asking about bitcomet's http download manager, which handles http and ftp tasks, not bittorrent tasks, but you have clarified what you are asking and I understand you now.

In my opinion, this webUI lacks a lot of useful features. Since it was introduced, not much development/improvement has been made, probably because efforts were needed in other areas. I can see how it would be confusing for you if you cannot tell which tasks are stopped and which one's are queued from the webUI, so I'll also suggest that this be updated. I also think it would be nice if it was given an appearance closer to the actual client, and contained most (if not all) the options the client has.

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I'm glad you understood me.

In my opinion, appearance close to the actual software might not be good as it would probably make the pages heavier and take longer to load (in my country bandwidth is not so abundant) defeating the "remote" part of it.

Features I believe would be essential on the remote download

- "All tasks" operations (start, stop, suspend, resume all tasks)

- filter tasks by Tag

- filter tasks by "completed, active, downloading"

- set global bandwidth limits

Hope some development time will be spent on this cool feature



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