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something is causing cometbird to use a lot of memory. If you have many web pages open, then that would be the cause, but if you have only one, then this is most likely a problem with a plugin or add on.

You can try running cometbird in safemode, see if the problem is still present. If not, then it's just a matter or enabling your add ons until you find the one that's causing the problem.

Another option would be to install more RAM memory in your computer.

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Yes, RAMBack works with CometBird

I just cannot get RAMBack to work with the new CometBird 5. I had RAMBack working just great with Firefox 6 but with CometBird 5 the memory keeps creeping steadily upwards with no freeing up of memory taking place as it should and currently stands at about 235m and rising. I tried uninstalling and re-installing RAMBack but this has made no difference. I altered the MaxVersion to 5.* but that did not help either.

The add-ons I have installed are exactly the same as I had in Firefox 6 so it is not really an issue with the add-ons installed or RAMBack itself.

If RAMBack can be made to work with CometBird it would seem like the only way forward.

Can you offer any help to resolve this problem?

Thank you.

PS. I read somewhere that deleting a Firefox file in Windows / Prefetch helps with CPU but this is not going to help make RAMBack compatible with CometBird.

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Cometbird source code is virtually identical to firefox, with the exception of some options and addons and logo changes, so if it works with firefox, it will work with cometbird. I installed it and it says it's working, but I have no way of objectively testing it.

I suggest you ask the publisher.

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