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Hi all,

Hoping someone can guide me through this.

I ripped a dvd today and when tried to play the sound wasn't in English, in trying to sort the problem I have managed to change the language of the package so now all of the text on screen is in what I think is Chinese and I cant find out how to change it back.

The second I search language, all comments explain how to change the listening language.

MPCstar 5.3

Thanks in advance


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When you ripped the dvd, you selected the wrong audio track to use. This was not an mpcstar problem, so your attempts to fix it within mpcstar were doomed to fail.

I'd say the easiest way to fix mpcstar would be to uninstall it, and delete the mpcstar folder/s from your program files and appdata paths, then reinstall.

To fix your video encoding problem, you'll have to consult the options in the software you used. If however you ripped the video with an encoding method that supports multiple audio channels, then you'd simply have to change audio channels on playback, but most dvd ripping software only uses one audio channel.

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All sorted, managed to find the right part of tools to change back to English by trial and error !

The deleting and reinstalling option doesn't work unfortunately, as it just comes back on as a new installation still with the same text language.

As far as The Italian Job goes, tried again and everything is set to English, but audio is foreign. Strange one that.

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