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Timed start up for Tasks

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I was expecting this feature in almost all download managers and never found one. So i wish to put my wish to the community of my favorite torrent client to add this feature if possible.

I use Bitcomet to download torrents and also as a download manger. The following thinks made me think of a solution to hold control.

1. I have a very slower connection, if i make put a lot of parallel tasks its consuming lot of time than the files downloaded individually.

2. Scheduling feature applies for all the files in the task list but not for individual files.

3. Prioritizing between files are supported only in the torrents but not in the http/ftp downloads.

4. Some of my favorite sites don't let me have more than one connection at a time.

5. When i download torrents and http files, only the torrent files are downloading faster without letting the http downloads.

Considering all the above things,

1. Maintaining a global priority ordering for all the tasks including the torrents and http/ftp downloads.

2. Or, it would be good if an options is given to start a task at specified time. ie., options like "Start up at specified time", and a popup taking a time as input(similar to that of the auto shutdown option).

If this feature is added, it will be easier at least to manually prioritize the tasks manually, considering the speed and size of individual task.



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You can control when the tasks start using queuing. If you set your max active tasks to one, then start ten http tasks, they will download one at a time until all are finished.

That might help some of what you're concerned about.

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