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MPCStar no sound

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I've seen this reported before, but I've never had this problem so couldn't confirm it. If you're correct, then this is a valid work-a-round, but hopefully our development team can use this info to find the root cause and fix it.

Here is the post on this members webpage.

MPCStar no audio problem solved

MPCStar no sound problem solved.

I have been looking for a solution to my MPCStar no audio in Windows 7 64 bits.

I tried a lot of different sound configurations, I tried to uninstall it, I tried to install a new version, I also tried some Malware and antivirus remover. It turns out nothing of it was necessary because the problem was that the player was "confused" and "got lost" when you last played a certain kind of video file.

The solution to your problem is:

In any version of MPCStar (TigerPlayer) open a video file with .swf extension. Close this file once you hear anything, open your desired video file and your sound should be back.


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I just tried with different types of videos and the one I cant play is the .mp4 type. I tried .rmvb , .avi, .mkv etc and they all can be played.

Your problem is probably unrelated to these other members, so you should be making your own topic. In fact, the only reason to reply to this thread would be to help the original member who posted this topic. Since this member seems to have abandoned this topic, and it keeps getting interrupted with other members problems, I'm going to close the topic.

If the original member who posted this topic wants it reopened, you can send me (or any staff) a PM and I'll be glad to reopen it.

ps. @izrin, mp4, avi and mkv are all "container" files that hold a video and audio stream. There could be many different types of audio and video in them. Most modern audio and video is much newer then the window XP operating system, so you probably just need to install support for the audio stream that is in the file that won't play. Some HD video contains audio that requires specific hardware to decode, so you'r computer may be unable to play it. In this case the video may have multiple audio streams, so it may be as easy as switching to a different audio stream, however this is just a guess because you didn't identify what it is your unable to play.

If your system simply lacks the filters to play the audio, installing a good codec pack may fix the problem, but the only way to tell you anything specific would be to analyse the video or look at the specs that came with the release. If it was a "scene" release, all this info will be in the .nfo file.

*Topic Closed*

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