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Making a save instead of downloading

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I'm using Bitcomet 1.28, just installed it, and something changed. Instead of downloading as I used to with Bitcomet 1.27, first it saves the task on my computer and only when I doubleclick the saved file then appears the window with task properties and I can download. How can I go back to the previous settings, press download and task properties window appears without saving the task first.

Many thanks.

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This is a setting on your internet browser. If your browser is set to run files with .torrent extension, then it will download and execute the file. When executed, windows will open your default torrent client and bitcomet will prompt you to begin the download.

Before you change this, you should consider that if you allow your browser to run the file, the it's going to be downloaded to a place of your browsers choosing. If you save the file then open it, you will know where the file is saved in case you may need it later.

Most browsers will prompt you with choices on how to handle a file you download. Usually "save" and "run" and often have an option to check so it always does this with this type of file.

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