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when i download torrents,it stops an the error comes up:cyclic redunancy check shows up.what's this ,It is the first time it's come up,and it started about 3- days ago,and I have to re start the download.Also one one movie I was downloading when it reached 100% it would start all over again! any soultions?

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cyclical redundancy error is a windows operating system error. It means that it's performed a data copying function and has determined that data is corrupt. You can find more detailed info on microsofts website, but from my experience, either your harddrive of file system is damaged/corrupt, or you're infected with some malware.

I'd recommend scanning the drive that the files were being saved to, check it for errors, or even do a full reformat on it (if possible). Then to be safe I'd scan for virus and for malware.

such errors could cause the other problem you report, but it's very unusual for the task to start over unless 100% of the data was lost. If your saving your tasks to an external, remote or network drive, then there could be other problems causing this.

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