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no increase in rank

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With the bounty of information you provided we should have no problem figuring this out, but why don't you go to the cometid.com website and try logging in and see what your point history looks like, then if you still need help, look for that annoying link thats in my signature, and posted all throughout the forum, then reply with some more information as well as your comet ID.

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sorry for the lack of info. i checked my comet id and no it has not changed since saturday night. ny user id is irishman1973= e-mail rmatticks@live.ca. and i am using the latest version of bit comet 1.27. i;ve been using bitcomet since 2008 and never had this problem.i'm still uploading and downloading fine. just no points for it. wierd. any more info you need please let me know. thanks

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You obviously didn't read the link I asked you to, so lets try something else.

Post a screenshot of the cometID website that lists how many points you earned each day.

Also post a screenshot of your client, showing your logged in.

Also note, if your logged in on two different computers, this could cause the problem because it won't know which stats to accept.

ps. we have a couple good guides for making and posting screenshots if needed.

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