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Bought the 100GB VIP Acceleration but it just wont work!!


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We have been having trouble with the vip servers working on some tasks, but this is to be expected when new features are in beta testing phase. For account issues, the person to talk to is administrator Zerojinn, she can access your account and make any adjustments necessary or process a refund if we can't get it working. Currenty the development team is off for one week on national holiday, so please continue to try it with other tasks, and she will be back in the office after October 7th.

You're also welcome to submit the magnet link for any tasks that fail to start using VIP, our staff and beta testers can look at them and all confirmed issues are sent to development for further testing.

Also understand that there must be sources for a task to download, without peers to connect to, our vip servers cannot download a task. If a known good torrent fails, then please submit the magnet link.

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Oh ya,When I enable it everytime it won't change it to "Preparing" it will always remain it as "Enable VIP".

Here are the Magnet links.





And lots mores.Reply as soon as possible please!!!!

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We are aware of a problem with the status not changing to "downloading", but I've used it to download many tasks at my full line speed of 3000kB/s +, and I have also found and reported tasks that don't seem to start with vip. Our development team is working on this, and thank you for reporting these tasks. As soon as they return from holidays, I'll send them these links for testing.

Please feel free to continue to try it with other tasks, and when Zerojinn returns, you can discuss if you would like your account adjusted, extended, refunded, or whatever suits you. Thank you for trying vip and I hope these issues are resolved soon.

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