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Using BitComet's built in browser

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I have been using BitComet and am curious why everything I do in the client opens in my default web browser (Firefox), rather than the built-in browser. It's just a bit annoying having to browse in one window and manage everything in another. I can't see anything in options that might change this behaviour. Any suggestions? Thanks.

OS is Windows 7 x64, ISP is Be*, 24Mb/2.5 Mb ADSL via their router

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Thank you for your reply.

Can you tell me where I find the setting to use the built-in browser?

Surely the built in browser uses a standard Windows web browser control that uses whichever version of IE is installed? I'm not a big fan of IE but it would still be nice to do everything in the one window.

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The built-in browser control module was eliminated in v.1.03, I think.

The team still kept the browser core engine, as you can see in the Start tab, which displays various advertisements for Comet games and such and which also displays the CometID pane.

But you can no longer control it, feed it URLs and such or get it to do anything you want.

It was reduced to the extreme minimum of interpreting links fed automatically by the client, and that's all it does.

In the same version, BC started feeding any other URL it needed to open, to the default browser defined in Windows.

So, long story short you have no way around it.

Kluelos has been using for years v.0.70, which still had the browser and while he tested mostly each new release that came out, he didn't use each new version exclusively, so my guess is that the disparition of the working browser module slipped by his attention, since he hadn't used it at all even before it was removed.

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