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speed slow's down after a few minutes???

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i use windows 7 my port is foworded, i just got bitcomet 1.29 but it's alwais the same, after about 2 minute of downloading the speed goes down quite a bit, going from 300 k/s to 25 or 30??? i have a 3g speed connection my test result are 9.35 download and 1.87 upload thanks for the answer

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Your numbers don't have any units attached to them, so it's hard to know exactly what your referring to. When you say 3g speed, so you mean 3gb/s or are you using a 3g cellular network? Your download speed is 9.35mb/s, mB/s, kb/s, kB/s??? We can only guess if you don't tell us, plus the fact that it's common for internet providers to use the "b" (bit) measurement instead of "B" (Byte) because it inflates the numbers they advertise by 8 times. Kinda dishonest and causes a lot of confusion.

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