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Watching Videos from network PC's on MPC Star

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I've been trying to watch videos on my network with MPC Star (my favorite player by far) but it takes a long time to load and often Stops responding on me,

Im using windows 7 and the files i try to view are typically about 250-300 MB big mainly .MKV

If i leave it alone and give it about 2-3 minutes the player loads the file and then its fine the rest of the way through, i can skip through the video with no problems.

If i use vlc from videolan it works fine but i dont like the interface and my videos tend to glitch up a lot with it

can someone help me? is there some setting that will help fix this or am i just gonna have to live with it?

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I assume your connected wirelessly to your LAN? if so, you may not have a fast enough connection to stream high definition video seamlessly. The reason mpcstar doesn't begin playing right away is it is buffering enough of the video so that it doesn't have issues on playback, such as you noticed with vlc player. I had similar issues with my wifi "g" network, but when I upgraded my router to wifi "n", I can now steam even 20GB movies in 1080P resolutions seamlessly, with either mpcstar, vlc player, or media player classic. All great players.

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