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MPCStar not playing big sized Videos

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I`m into video related work, and often my videos varies from 1GB to 20GB. note that these videos are HD or 720p/1080p. Before I was using K-lite full, have no glitches at all but k-lite have not what MPCstar features. I loves the feature on MPCStar, yet when I tried playing my videos on MPCStar, MPCstar just wont play it, it did load all the information, eq the time,and if I move the slider to a certain time, MPCStar shows the picture of that time but it wont play it. it just freezes there. but if I encode the videos to a smaller size, say 700MB-1.5GB, it will play the videos normally.

My rig


Nvidia GTX560Ti

Corsair 8GB performance ram

Windows 7 build 7600 ultimate

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What you have is a conflict with one of your codecs.

First of all, "k like" doesn't play video, its a package of video codecs that are bundled with at least one media player. It generally contains more codecs then you need and often has redundant codecs, which if all are enabled, your system would come unstable. If you use all the default settings, then your system should play almost anything.

MpcStar also comes bundled with codecs, and also uses it's own Internal codecs.

The problem you're having is that you have installed at least two codecs that are conflicting. The only easy solution I can offer you is to uninstall your k lite codec pack and confirm that mpcstar works properly. Then if you want to install a codec pack that is less likely to conflict, try CCCP (combined community codec pack) It's a very good pack much like k lite, but it's a bit more conservative and less likely to cause problems on your system.

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