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I am a regular user of Bit Comet but have a problem I have not encountered before. I am using the latest version of Bit Comet and am connected with ADSL. I am trying to download a version of Video Converter from a torrent posted on Pirate Bay. Despite an availability of nearly 1400 the progress percent column keeps going up and down eg it gets to 50% then drops down to 48% then up again etc.. and is taking for ever to download. Can anyone explain what might be happening and what if anything i can do to rectify it? Thanks

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Vasy, please note that he's talking about the progress percentage going up and down no the availability one.

If what he reports is accurate then this is not normal behavior.

@exucasvu: I think that providing the data requested in the "Read This before posting" topic on top of the page would be in order right now.

And you probably should include some screenshots of this happening, preferably with the Summary tab selected. Also you should include screenshots including the Files tab, whatching for the percentages of the individual files of the torrent, in order to see if they all recede or perhaps there is only a single file or a couple of files which revert back to 0%.

This could sometimes be caused by an antivirus application monitoring the download folder, when it detects malware and it's set to delete or move to the "quarantine" folder, files which are infected. But this is just a wild guess, since you provided way too little information to draw an informed conclusion.

Make sure that you mention also, the location where your download folder resides (i.e. internal or external HDD or a network drive).

Also mention any Antivirus/Security suite you're using.

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