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I've been searching for a torrent for some old music from about 25 years ago. It shows up on the search results, but never has any seeds. It had one yesterday for a couple of hours, with a slow download speed of about 20kb/s. I got 8.9% of the file. Then it went dead - I guess he turned off his computer or something. Should I just leave the task running, in the hopes that someone will have it available? The status is "connecting" and everything else is just "0".

Thanks for all that you do.

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You can go to the trackers website/forum and request a reseed, you can also add the emule plugin, and hope the files can be found on that network. Otherwise, it will only download if/when peer/s return.

Your best option would be to find another source, but there is little harm in trying, so why not leave it run for a few weeks and hope.

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