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Insanely high upload speeds regardless of all limits.


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Okay, my max upload speed is about 30KBps, I set the global max upload, the max upload rate per task and the LT seeders upload all to a limit of 10 Kbps (For the sake of testing). But when monitoring usage of internet through "Bandwidth monitor" I notice that upload is at 30KBps or even a little above it (I have a separate tool that monitor's each application's usage of the bandwidth to confirm that all the upload is coming from bitcomet). Of course THIS causes really bad download speeds and makes the internet impossible to use as long as BitComet is running. Any tips on how to fix this?

OS: Windows xp sp3

BitComet version: 1.27

Line speed(Down/up):109KBps/30KBps

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With such limited upload speed available to you, I'd advise disabling things like LTseed, dht, and other services like snapshots, comments, check for updates etc. Although LTseed can substantially increase your download speeds, it can't get you more download then your line can receive, and you're likely to max that out with only bittorrent peers, so you might be better off uploading only to bittorrent.

In regards to measuring bandwidth with 3rd party tools, most show only "peek" usage, so even if bitcomet maintains and average of about 10kB/s (as you have set it), there will be peek usage much higher. When BitComet sends out a packet, your system will send it as fast as it's able. BitComet can withhold packets when it sees an average upload that exceeds the setting, but even if only a single packet was sent, a 3rd party tool will likely detect it's speed at whatever your system can handle (in your case 30kB/s).

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