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How to make DVD's from torrent files?


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I tried to make copies using Nero 6 but it doesn't seem to recognize the file type. I am not really sure if I am not using the right program I am new to this any insight would help. My dvd drive in my computer is kind of old (only putting this since I read something here about ancient technology) I don't know if that matters or not. Some on please help my kids a driving me nuts I need to get these movies on DVD.

THanks in advance

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a "torrent file" is a small text file used by software like bitcomet to download any type of computer files. I assume it's the files you downloaded with the torrent that you're asking how to use, but you didn't specify what it is you downloaded.

Also, DVD video is 1990s technology, and a commercial DVD is about 8000mB in size, but you can get the same quality using modern video encoding with a file size of about 1000mB, so naturally DVD isn't very popular. Current trends are moving more to high definition, which DVD doesn't support, so most high quality video is encoded using x264 codecs in an .mkv container.

The most common video using standard definition is Xvid, usually in an .Avi container.

Your best option would be to get a video player that plays modern video types, but if you insist on making DVDs, that is still an option, just keep in mind that video encoding can take hours to convert one movie, and if you use the computer during the process, you will probably not like the results. I made a guide on making DVDs with Nerovision a few years ago, it's posted in this forum, but it was made using Nero Seven (very old version, but not as old as your nero six). Another program you can use is "ConvertX2DVD".

If you want a media player that will play anything, my favorite is the Mvix Ultio Pro. A less expensive alternative would be Western Digital TV live. Either will play any type of modern video nicely.

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