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configuration help....


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1. bitcommet 1.29

2. comcast cable

3. comcast modem, direct connection

4. no other devices connected ( only 1 computer at a time, same brand model etc)

5. windows xp sp3, fire wall off, no anti viruse

6 all torrent downloads

7. speed test is good almost t1 lan speeds

using all stock settings, ie fresh install of bitcommet and windows(updated to sp3)

i have had this problem for a long time and can not seem to find an answer.

when i download i see the # of seeders and # of peers. yet i am only able to connect to a small # of the peers. and this is only with bitcomet.

example there are 7 seeders and 216 peers. i can connect to 7 seeders and only 8 peers. yet with the same torrent using utorrent*(i dont like) on a different computer of the exact same specs and same location, i am able to connect to 100+ peers and get much higher down load speeds. can any one help? thanks in advance

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On popular torrents, you'll usually get faster speeds with bitcomet because of it's ability to download from sources other then the bittorrent swarm, so this is unusual. I suspect the "different computer" is what is making the difference here. Something on this computers setup or internet connection could be making it difficult to get sucessful connections.

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