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how to reset bitcomet defaults

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Can someone tell me how to reset bitcomet to the default settings or how I can change my save as settings? I accidentally clicked on something, and now when I click on a torrent to download it ALWAYS asks me where to say it, etc... Before, I'd click on it and it would open bitcomet and then ask me questions. So annoying.

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That sounds like a browser setting, not a bitcomet setting.

One thing you should understand is if you set your browser to open a torrent when you click on it, it may seem convenient, but your browser is actually downloading that file, usually into a hidden folder where you won't be likely to find it. Nothing like having a folder filled with records of everything you ever downloaded...

It's a far better idea to tell the browser where to save the file, then open it. You then will know where your torrent is in case you should need it again, or in case you want to delete it and have it completely removed from your system.

This may take an extra click or two, but if you use Internet explorer and have been downloading torrents for a long time, lookup how to enable viewing of hidden files, then search for the torrents and look at the mess you've been leaving behind all this time, thinking it was the "tidy" thing to do. Many novice users would end up pulling their hair out before figuring out how to even find the files... so... do you really want to let your browser save files for you automatically?

If you really do, then it's just a matter of changing it's options back to the way you had it.

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