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Downloading stops after awhile


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Version : 1.30

Internet : VDSL

Router : My ISP's own modem and routers.

Windows : Windows 7 Home, McAfee Antivirus

I have a problem that begun about 3 days back. Whenever I start downloading something on bitcomet, it goes smooth, dl'ing near max speeds until at some point it drops down near to 0 (download and upload as well), even though it is still connecting to more peers. Also, when I try to get on facebook or twitter the page fails to load, as if my internet has stopped working all of a sudden, even though it is still connected to the wifi and everything else seems fine except that i can't load anything at all.

I read the possible solutions page and it states i should put my upload speed at 80% of max speed. So I proceeded to do that, continued downloading and it goes along well for about 20 mins..and the problem begins again.

My internet goes back to normal after I close bitcomet. Also, even though I set bitcomet to minimize to tray when i press X, sometimes it asks me whether I want to exit with tasks running.

How do I fix this? I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but to no avail. I've attached a screenshot along with this post

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Try downloading a large http task with BitComet, like this one: http://download.openoffice.org. It should fill your download bandwidth quickly, I usually get it in under 30sec. Does your internet connection become non responsive while downloading?

If not, and it's true that you limited your upload speed to 80%of your real, tested, upload bandwidth, and what's left is above 10kB/s, the problem is probably with your router not supporting the large number of connections normally started by BitComet.

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The one thing you should try, which might help alleviate your probable router issues, is to go into Options-->Advanced and set the network.max_udp_pkt_per_sec to a very conservative value such as 5.

Also try setting the network.max_connections (NOT the network.max_connecting_connections) to something fixed such as 150-200.

This isn't guaranteed to fix the issue but might reduce the burden on the NAT process on your router.

Also, make sure you don't run more than 1-2 tasks (seeding+downloading) at any moment; since your router can't handle many connections and BitComet has no way of controlling the number of incoming connections, this might help reduce them and thus decrease the number of entries in the NAT table.

If all the above don't fix the issue, you might wanna experiment with disabling DHT and LT-Seeding altogether, to see if there is any improvement.

Also, even though I set bitcomet to minimize to tray when i press X, sometimes it asks me whether I want to exit with tasks running.

I caught this behavior in the last beta, but on my system it disappeared once I've upgraded to v.1.30, so I assumed it was trapped and fixed. Perhaps it somehow made it into the Win7 version or just in the 64 bit one, as I don't see it anymore on XP.

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