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BitComet v1.30 has lot of bugs


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I have been using Bitcomet for a long time, I didnt have any problem.

But this version 1.30 is very buggy.

Problems :

1) Frequent craches

2) Minimize to tray is not working (Even though the option is selected in Preferences)

When the Close button is pressed, it show 'Do you want to exit BitComet?'

3) Torrent list order is keep on changing without sorting.

Bitcomet Version : v1.30

Windows 7, 32 bit

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I don't have issues with sending BitComet to the tray, win7 32bit here too.

Exit BitComet and then go to %appdata%\BitComet and rename the BitComet.xml file. It will clear any custom settings(options, auto log-in, etc), by creating a new file. Report back with the results.

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Runnning Windows 7 64 bit. Have tried installing the 64 bit and 32 bit version of 1.30. Both have same issues of exiting when clicking close button even though option is set to minimize to system tray. Be so glad when y'all get this fixed. Extremely annoying.

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