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Bitcomet 1.30 x86 high CPU/RAM usage when starts

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Hi,everyone.I'm currently using BC 1.30 x86 under Windows 7 Home Premium.When I start the application,I get 50% or more of CPU usage,then after a few minutes it gets to a normal value near 0.Similar issue happens to RAM usage,as soon as I start the client,the process consumes around 100+ MB of RAM,and after a period of time it lowers to 70 MB.Obviously,I encounter severe slowdowns.Is this behaviour expected?I've set the bitcomet.exe process priority to lowest,but it doesn't change anything.Uninstalled,cleared registry keys,cache,reinstalled,but I still get massive CPU usage and RAM usage in the beginning,then after some minutes it reaches acceptable values.I've searched the forums for similar threads,however couldn't find any.

Here a ss I've taken:


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