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Download speed doesn't max out


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First let me furnished all the required details,

1) BitComet version = 1.29

2) type of Internet connection = ADSL

3) I have a modem. Model DLINK DSL2640B.

I have port forwarded it by setting it in the modem configuration settings. As a result, I have a green indicator in bitcomet showing that i have an open port.

4) I'm using windows 7 64bit. Kaspersky 2011 Internet Security and also windows firewall.

5) My internet speed.


Issue : I didn't manage to get a full download speed as per my connection speed. My download speed is at 400-450kBps at the first 5 mins, after that, it goes down to 80-120kBps,..

I have followed all the guides by bitdave ( I hope, there will be a latest guide on the current bitcomet version as to make it easier to understand if compared to the old version ).

I don't know what went wrong. and is there any guide for firewall exception rule for bit comet..?

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Multiple firewalls do not make you more secure. They just give you more configuration headaches. Everything that you do to one, you must also do to the other.

Windows firewall is all that you need, and BitComet can configure it for you automatically. You should probably uninstall any others including the Kaspersky version. Their antivirus products are fine, but you don't need their firewall too.

Your download speed is heavily dependent on how many people are in the swarm for this torrent. Your download doesn't come from a server somewhere -- it comes from other people like you, with computers like yours and connections like yours. If there aren't many, your speed will be slow no matter what else you do.

Try downloading the Open Office torrent or one of the Linux distributions. These should download at about your connection's maximum speed. If so, then you have done all you can do on your end to make a connection as fast as possible. The rest depends on the swarm.

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