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atrocious upload speeds

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ok so before i say anything i want to tell you my specs:

Linksys E3200 modem at 300mbps

Netgear 300mbps wireless adapter

I usually upload at max 30kbps (after downloading i get max 60kbps)

All of my ports are unblocked...

please help

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We can't tell you if anything is going wrong yet, since we hardly have any relevant data on which to draw a conclusion.

Usually when you make a post asking for technical support you should make sure you include everything mentioned in this topic: Read This Before Posting.

Especially the test results for your Internet connection would have made all the difference.

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A max upload of 0.9Mbps = 900Kbps = aprox. 110KBps. This will be your general upper upload boundary.

You should limit the max upload rate in BitComet at 80% of that (88KBps), to leave room for protocol overhead traffic as well as other application outbound traffic or else BitComet will choke itself.

Keep in mind that whatever your max upload and download capabilities would be, the max that you will actually use will depend on the torrents that are active. E.g. if there are not many people downloading from you (e.g. their clients have better options in the swarm or whatever) then your line capability won't be reached.

You can test your client on some very active torrents, such as popular Linux distros or other torrents with many peers.

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