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No internet Access but Bitcomet continues to down-Is it Router or Wifi Client?


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Strangest of strange things that sometimes my Inspiron 6000 (Intel Wifi 2200BG), XP SP3 connects to internet (Internet icon in taskbar) and Bitcomet is downloading and sometimes I get no internet connection (no internet icon showing) but Bitcomet is still connected and downloading. Mind you I am connected statically to an open network using EDIMAX router that is daisychained from a DDRT router and I am cloned to the EDIMAX. I can configure the router but what to do to maintain the internet connection. Bridge it or Enable ISP filtering or what? Dwnld speeds for BC get up to 250KB/s (and that is without the TCP port being open none of which is a major concern so long as I can download with BC) Also note that the Internet connection icon shows really low speeds of 1- 8 or 10 kbps (this icon is NOT the WiFi icon or LAN icon). Any suggestions welcome...

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How about going back to the top of this forum section, and providing all the info required in the "Read This Before Posting" topic?

Especially it would help us if you elaborated on your connection type. "I am connected statically to an open network using EDIMAX router..." doesn't actually say much about which type of Internet connection you use, whether you are connected through a cable or wireless to your router, what type of Internet connection goes into your router, whether your router is in bridged or NAT mode and so forth.

Then the make and model of your equipments may help too AND the order in which they are linked together. We can't guess that.

The little icon you speak about is characteristic to the "virtual" network connections that are created in Windows when you create for instance a PPOE connection. Sometimes having UPNP enabled seems to bring that up as well for some reason. But if you use a NAT router which performs authentication and authorization on your behalf with your ISP, you don't need that type of icon and its presence is irrelevant.

Also "I get no internet connection (no internet icon showing)" is very vague. An icon displayed in the system tray isn't equivalent to HAVING or not a connection.

Do you mean that you literally can't access the Internet while the icon is missing or just that you have a deep gut feeling of longing after that little cute icon when it's missing? I'm confused here.

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